To Pine for LAX or Appreciate Chavo

by Daniel Johnson

Homicide and Ricky Reyes vs. Ring Crew Express

Watching TNA every week I cannot help, but feel a little bad for Hernandez. Oddly enough he has been having great matches lately, but I think his time has passed much like the man he currently tags with Chavo Guerrero. Right now I can’t imagine Hernandez overcoming the brightest patch in his career, which was when he worked with Homicide and Konnan in LAX. They hid each others’ weaknesses flawlessly and allowed each other to shine. Hernandez had the power, Homicide had the speed/technique and Konnan was cutting promos that put his NWO stuff to shame. Plus, who can forget that entrance music!

While I can’t imagine Konnan ever coming back to TNA because of his lawsuit, Homicide and Hernandez are still young enough to bring back some of that good old stuff. Still, rehashes are rarely more successful than the original so maybe keeping an eye on that Chavo/Hernandez team won’t be so bad.

Perhaps, Homicide is the one we should feel sympathy for. The guy has a world of talent and as this match shows he can have fun tag bouts with more than just Hernandez. He can even work as a fine solo star. Yet, the most notable thing Homicide has done lately has been getting fed to Kevin Steen.

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