Another Reason to Miss Homicide

by Daniel Johnson

Homicide vs. Prince Nana

I’ve written before about the pain that is not being able to watch Homicide every week on national television, but it cannot be said enough. This is especially true considering that the most wrestling fans see of him anymore is when he makes a rare ROH appearance. Really the guy is like a slightly less violent and much more sane version of New Jack. What is not to love?

This clip shows Homicide performing for Impact Championship Wrestling (ICW, which has nothing to do with TNA). Homicide brings the awesome by first coming out with a Michael Myers mask on. Next, Prince Nana cuts a badly miked promo. Although it is tough to make out everything that the prince is saying you can at least tell that he insults the poor guy in charge of the music (who looks vaguely like Zach Galifianakis).

As for match quality Prince Nana is known more for his managerial skills with The Embassy than anything he can do in the ring. If you can’t tell by now that Homicide is going to whip him than it is a wonder you made it to this site. As soon as Homicide gets in control he begins a chopfest on Nana. Nana bounces back and delivers even more vicious chops to Homicide. Still, Nana cannot keep this going and soon finds himself in the STF and tapping out.

After the bout wrestler Tiger Khan makes a cameo and Nana drops a six letter f-bomb. Not the most politically correct clip out there but worth a look for Homicide, Nana and even ROH fans.

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