Dr. Phil Calls a Match (Well, Not Really)

by Daniel Johnson

Hailey Hatred vs. Lorelei Lee

One of the things I love about watching indies in America is experiencing all the different commentators there are. Don’t get me wrong the actual in-ring product in places like Japan and Mexico is at times superior, but I can barely say “hi” in at least one of the those languages never mind notice different dialects. Yes, as the title suggests there are a couple of southerners calling the action in this bout from NWA Mid-Atlantic and one sounds a lot like Dr. Phil.

As for the content of the clip beyond Dr. Phil there is not much to say. I’ve heard the modern NWA refereed to as a couple of decent indies and a lot of bad ones. Despite this clip being from 2006 it is tough to argue NWA Mid-Atlantic doesn’t belong to the latter category either in 2006 or today. The early action of the match is cut away from in favor of showing Commissioner Larry Light kicking out Hailey Hatred’s manager Mr. Magnum for no apparent reason. The crowd is also quite small, but I did notice one guy wearing one of Christian’s WWE t-shirts so it isn’t all bad.

The in-ring action consists of some weak kicks by Hatred and a few moves before Lee is able to roll her up for the win. At least the clip closes with a nice commentator line as the non-Dr.Phil commentator says something that sounds like, “great moons think alike.” Words to live by.

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