Libra Wins With a Libro

by Daniel Johnson

Mena Libra vs. Truth Martini

It has been a long time since a clip from CLASH Wrestling found it’s way on this website. The promotion actually has plenty of talent and can put on some good shows. They don’t always bring in that many top indie names, but this allows the locals to shine.

Anyway, this match is brought to you by The Johnson Transcript’s unofficial wrestling managers wrestle series. Truth Martini is best known for running his mouth in ROH and not for his in-ring skills. Even in this bout he tries to avoid harm by dodging Libra and cutting an extended promo. He obviously took classes in the Jerry Lawler school of stalling. When the fight finally begins Martini tries to kick Libra, but she is too smart for him and catches it. Rather than take Libra’s punishment he tries to leave, but is brought back to the ring by the faces in the locker room. This brings out the heels and a full scale brawl erupts. Hey, if you’re into watching random indie guys do finishers then this match is for you!

Eventually the smoke clears and a heel comes in with a referee outfit sans pants. A distant relative of Randy Orton perhaps?  The heel slams Libra and Martini gets the pin. However, the real ref comes in and restarts the match. Libra then picks up Martini’s trademark foreign object, a heavy book and you can guess what happens next. Yes, perhaps only the Spanish speaking readers of this website will get the title of this post, but oh well.

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