Kanemoto Wrecks Yamato

by Daniel Johnson

Koji Kanemoto vs. Hiroshi Yamato

From the moment Hiroshi Yamato flips in the ring he feels the wrath of Koji Kanemoto. Kanemoto assaults him with a variety of stiff kicks and punches. Yamato gets in little offense throughout, but the moves he accomplishes he makes count. The Orange Iguanas member forces Kanemoto from the ring at one point and hits an excellent suicide dive.

When the bout moves back inside Kanemoto soon takes back control. Tiger Mask fans may be disappointed because aside from the trademark stiff striking that all Tiger Masks are known for, Kanemoto, the former Tiger Masks III, doesn’t pull out a lot of Tiger Masks moves. Before all is said and done Yamato makes a brief comeback and scores two, two counts including one following a German suplex. As sweet as that suplex looked the move of the match may be a toss up between one performed by Kanemoto and one performed by the referee. For the finish Kanemoto looks like he is going to win in the style of Bret Hart with a sharpshooter. Yet, after grabbing Yamato’s legs he puts on a completely different submission move. Yamato makes it to the ropes once, but because Kanemoto then alters the submission it apparently doesn’t count. The ref then pulls out his move by slapping Yamato repeatedly until he taps.

The match goes to Kanemoto with an assist to the ref.

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