Daniels is on a Roll

by Daniel Johnson

Christopher Daniels vs. Tetsuya Naito

Hulk Hogan, Sting, Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels…what do these names have in common? Well, if Christopher Daniels’ momentum continues than he has a shot at reaching a level in TNA only previously occupied by former longtime WWE and WCW guys…and possibly AJ Styles.

The first trait that Daniels has that makes him an attractive talent is that he knows how to work an audience. Whether he is getting a reaction out of them through his promos, in-ring work or a mixture of both he never leaves a crowd apathetic. Beyond this he also has a tremendous depth of skill and can tailor his style not only to his opponent, but any type of fans he works in front of.

In the above clip, we have serious Daniels as opposed to silly Daniels. While battling Naito it seems like he ignores the crowd completely, but in actuality is pacing the match to please the fans as best as he can. Playing the no-nonsense heel he stays grounded much of the match, has a few mildly underhanded spots and even beats Naito into the audience briefly. Still, the fans came to see Daniels so he has to bring out a few trademarks. He wallops Naito with his best moonsault ever finisher and grabs the pin.

On a random note, this also exists:

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