The Other MVP

by Daniel Johnson

Addy Starr vs. Michael Von Payton

This match was uploaded by ISW about an hour before this post first appeared. In other words it is fresh off the presses (at least if YouTube had presses). Although there are plenty of nifty spots in this one that I’ll talk about in a minute the awesome commentary has to be mentioned first. Aside from being entertaining they just throw in so many interesting facts like there being 700 people in attendance for the match, that Ezekiel Jackson is a black man (now trending on Twitter) and that Addy Starr is stronger than Yoshi Tatsu. The commentary team obviously did their research.

As for the in-ring action Addy Starr opens this one up by trying to slug MVP (not Montel Vontavious Porter) only to get repeatedly no-sold. Still, this is by no means a squash match and Starr looks like she hit the move of the match when she delivered a swell looking tornado DDT off of the ropes. That is until Payton whips out his best move of the match. He hits a splash mountain powerbomb that appropriately gets a “he just killed her” chant going. With the neatest looking move out of the way it is time for Payton to really lay in the wrath (not Bryan Clarke). He hits multiple over the shoulder sit-out reverse piledrivers before scoring the victory.

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