When a Wristlock Isn’t Just a Wristlock

by Daniel Johnson

Aaron Epic vs. Maserati Rick

I’ve written more than once about restholds dragging down the quality of a match such as one bout involving Savio Vega, King Kong and the bear hug that wouldn’t end. Yet, extended restholds are not always bad, which is what this match shows. Epic starts with a wristlock and taunts Rick with it. For the rest of the match Epic targets Rick’s arms, which adds to the psychology of the match. Not to be outdone Rick then targets Epic’s upper half, but does so by using more devious means than the fan favorite Epic.

It is fun to look back at Epic’s early matches for Beyond Wrestling such as this one. Before Beyond, Epic was already so crisp in his moves. While a new face at Beyond the guy has been a seasoned veteran for sometime. Yet, Beyond has really been a new home for him and it is a treat to watch him get into his groove in the company. No wonder he won the inaugural Tournament for Tomorrow.

Getting back to this particular match the two counts come fast and furiously toward the end. At one point Epic hits a kick so stiff looking that you could swear it was Yuji Nagata’s foot hitting Rick’s face. Still, Rick keeps kicking out until he gets obliterated with Epic’s northern lights bomb.

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