Davey Richards/This is Sparta

by Daniel Johnson

Kyle Matthews vs. Davey Richards

With the tight, one-camera setup that Platinum Championship Wrestling (PCW) used for this match it is tough to tell how many fans were in attendance. What is known is that they got their money’s worth. From the opening dueling chants of “Davey Richards/This is Sparta” the crowd is 100 percent into this performance featuring than ROH World Champion/IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, Davey Richards and the man too bad ass to be in 300, Kyle Matthews.

Matthews sells like crazy for Richards who peppers Matthews with some stiff strikes throughout. First, the two trade punches and Richards comes out on top of that. Next, Richards just pummels Matthews with kicks. It looks like Matthews may finally come out on top of exchanging blows when the two enter into a good old fashioned chopfest, but no dice. Yet, Richards goes a step too far when he tries to contort Matthews into a pretzel. After a fiery comeback Matthews is ready to twist apart Richards’ body instead. He isn’t able to get a submission from Richards, but he hits his trademark dropkick into the corner. Matthews jumps on Richards and gets him in a small package. It looks like a three count, but the referee swears it is only two. Matthews is still holding strong, but can he do it?

The answer may surprise you. Better click on that video!

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