Spike Bones Interview

by Daniel Johnson


Photo courtesy of Spike Bones

Interviewer’s Note: At the first glance of Spike Bones it is not a dead giveaway that he is a wrestler. At about 5’9″ and around 150 lbs, Bones may not be the biggest guy on the wrestling cards he works, but the old adage good things come in small packages holds true. Bones has performed in the squared circle since 2008 and has become a gifted technical wrestler. Some of the more notable parts of Bones’ career have taken place in Supremacy Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Allstars (PWA) and Fan De Catch (FDC) . Bones also wrestled for the currently inactive N’Catch. In 2013 Bones formed the Second Solution with Steve Venom and together they held the PWA Tag Team Championship for 244 days. Bones also very briefly held the PWA DareDevil Championship. At FDC, Bones has held the FDCpro Championship. Bones has a YouTube channel that can be found here. This interview was completed on December 26, 2014. In this interview Bones and I focus on the topic of being a young wrestler in Belgium.

Daniel Johnson: Awesome! My first question is in a few words how would you describe yourself as a wrestler?
Spike Bones: I’m not a typical wrestler, like a big mountain of muscles. I’m a 1 m 75 cm and 65 kg guy. At first a lot of people were laughing until I showed them what I could do in a ring. I’m fast, agile and some of them say I’m good with a mic. It’s a point I try to work a lot because in Europe, there are not a lot of wrestlers who are able to speak and to retain the attention of the crowd with a mic.

Daniel Johnson: How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a wrestler? From there how long was it before you started training?
Spike Bones: I don’t remember. I think it was in 2004 or 2005 (so 15 or 16 years-old). I searched something to watch on TV and I stopped on WWE Heat. It was a tag team match with Kane and [The] Hurricane. It was awesome, the crowd, the gimmicks, the mix between sport and entertainment. I knew it was the thing I had to do. I didn’t know at this time that we had wrestling schools in Belgium so I was ashamed and tried to do it by myself with friends. It wasn’t a good thing and if some people who read this are doing the same, please stop. I hurt myself and fortunately it wasn’t too bad. It’s not a good thing. Search after a school, even if you have to drive one or two hours to train. Finally, I found a school in Charleroi, the LadyManCatch Club in 2008. I started my training this year.

Daniel Johnson: Who was your head trainer and what did a regular day of training look like?
Spike Bones: I was trained by Pietro Badiali (Bud Jenkins), Kevin Rahino and Risher. We had a two time training session. First, we trained at a gym. To have a strong body is important because we take a lot of bumps. Second step, we trained our abilities in the ring. Running in the ropes, learning how to bump correctly to not be hurt, technical moves, etc. It’s always intense and everyday brings new things. You’ll never know everything about wrestling because there’s lots of different ways to do a good move.

Daniel Johnson: Broadly how you describe wrestling in Belgium? How good of a place is it to be as a young worker?
Spike Bones: There’s a big problem in Belgium about egos, but I think it’s the same all over the world. It’s a small country, but I notice we have a lot of “wrestling schools.” The reason is that when someone is not on the same page of his trainer, he decides to open his school. And every school says, “I’m the greatest, the other sucks.” The strange fact is that even if they have a war, they pick up the same wrestlers to run their shows. So the crowd doesn’t exactly know who’s working with who. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s a great place with a lot of good and talented wrestlers. But I think [if it was] more serious [it] could be great.

Daniel Johnson: Going back to training how many places are there to get trained? What are some of the better places?
Spike Bones: I don’t know the number exactly, like I said there are so many. I think if you want to know the better places, you just have to watch what the trainer did. Two years ago, I was called to train for the PWA and the academy, Slam Wrestling Academy in Wallonia. I think LadyManCatch (LMC) is a good place too, where I started, because you begin with an old school training. Pietro Badiali trained since the 1970s. Belgian Wrestling School (BWS) is well known because it’s the school of Salvatore Bellomo who was the first from Belgium to get a contract with the WWF.

Daniel Johnson: Getting into your career who are the Belgian wrestlers readers should know about? Which of these have you wrestled and who do you think you meshed best with?
Spike Bones: Keep an eye on Rob Raw. He was a Rosebud in England for the live [WWE Monday Night] Raw earlier this year. I think PWA has a lot of great wrestlers from Belgium and Holland. Also, Supremacy Wrestling, but it’s more or less the same guys. I wrestled him and a lot of others like TNK, Darkmondo, SnB, Michael D, etc. I think my greatest matches were against TNK. We met a lot of times and it was always different. Our two best performances for the crowd were our first and our last. Both matches were for Supremacy Wrestling. The first took place on October 11, 2009 and the last on November 21, 2014. You can see it on my YouTube channel.

Daniel Johnson: I was curious how many Belgian wrestling companies are there that you know of? Of these how many have you worked for?
Spike Bones: In Belgium, at the moment I know: Supremacy Wrestling, Superstars Wrestling, Wrestling Alliance Company (WAC), LMC, Multi Event Association (MEA), PWA, Belgian Young Wrestling Style (BYWS), Belgian Wrestling School/Belgian Catch Wrestling Federation (BWS/BCWF), Extreme Catch Attitude (ECA) and Flemish Wrestling Federation (FWF).

Daniel Johnson: You mentioned Supremacy Wrestling. Do you consider this your current home promotion? Also, what are your short term goals for your home promotion?
Spike Bones: I work for Supremacy Wrestling, PWA and MEA. I was contacted by ECA too for a show later this year. I feel at home at Supremacy Wrestling and PWA. I’ve wrestled for these for years now. [Since] 2009 for Supremacy and 2011 for PWA. My short term goals are to represent these federation at the best I can. To be a champion again could be an issue of it.

Daniel Johnson: I first heard of you through your work for the now inactive N’Catch promotion. What are your memories of this promotion?
Spike Bones: Yes, I worked for N’Catch. It was a good period because I met a lot of good people who became friends. My biggest memories of this moment was an entire weekend in Paris. We had several little show during a Asian convention called Paris Manga. I had a match against Tom Delacroix. When I was just a fan, I saw him on a show in France. And I remember he impressed me. To be in the same ring as him was like an honor. He was my first big name I met.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of impressive more recently what would you say has been most impressive about the Supremacy Wrestling and PWA products? Also, where if, at all, is there room for improvement?
Spike Bones: PWA has Paul London and Brian Kendrick during this year and Paul is the current PWA [European] Allstar Champion. To meet them was an incredible experience, I learned a lot. Supremacy often works with Joe E. Legend, ex-WWE, TNA superstar. For the training sessions, it’s in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, I’m the link between the both, Rue Robert 8. PWA and Supremacy Wrestling don’t make their shows at the same place each time so it’s difficult to give you one.

Daniel Johnson: Getting into some of you own impressive showings, what do you think makes you and TNK work so well together. Also, more generally for you what makes a good opponent?
Spike Bones: I trust TNK and he trusts me. We met each other so many times we know what the other can do. We have the same way of thinking, we don’t want to stay on our basics so we are in the obligation to make each match different. It’s difficult, but we work a lot on it through our preparation. We want to make the crowd still continue to be impressed even if they think they know us. I think trusting your opponent is the best way to have a good match. You have to want to make your opponent shine. If you want that and if your opponent wants you to shine, you’ll both do a good thing. Put your ego on the side and fight with your opponent and not against.

Daniel Johnson: Outside of singles work in PWA you have had a lot of success with Steve Venom. How did this team come about?
Spike Bones: It’s all about the feeling I was talking about earlier with my body. We both are “skinny.” But we train to be good wrestlers and try to be better and better. The idea of the team is the second solution. You were thinking only big guys are good? Then you have The Second Solution. Do you know what I mean? And I think people react to that because we are more like them than other wrestlers. Like if we are fighting to say: Everything is possible, just work for it.

Daniel Johnson: What stands out most to you about the PWA Tag Team Championship run you had with Venom?
Spike Bones: The fact that we won these titles by beating two of the bigger guys in Europe, Big Geert and Ymah Pain. The storytelling of it is awesome. Like David vs. Goliath.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of being a smaller guy where do you draw your influences from? Are there any smaller wrestlers who have inspired you work?
Spike Bones: A lot! And my name, Spike, is no stranger to that. I liked Spike Dudley. I love the work of Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Edge. Guys, “Too small to succeed,” and look who and where they are now! For the tag team work, I was a long fan of Londrick, I can’t explain my joy when I met them on the same show as me.

Daniel Johnson: Cool! I was curious about singles gold you’ve held. I know you very briefly held the PWA DareDevil Championship. What other singles titles have you held and what do you consider your most successful title run?
Spike Bones: I held the FDCpro Championship belt in 2012 for two months. The greatest belt I had was the DareDevil Championship belt. But only for a few minutes. The most successful title run was of course with my partner Venom when we were PWA Tag Team Champions for nearly one year.

Daniel Johnson: Speaking of that run what is your opinion of super brief title runs?
Spike Bones: I took this run as an honor. For me it means they chose me to be the transition. It could be anybody else, but it was me. It means something.

Daniel Johnson: In 2014 what, if anything, has been the most important thing you have learned?
Spike Bones: A ladder can hurt a lot! No, I think it’s the fact you have to tell a good story in your match. You don’t have to do a lot of big moves to be good.

Daniel Johnson: Looking to the future what would you like to achieve in 2015?
Spike Bones: I’d like to be a champion once again, to be a representative part of a promotion. It’s always an honor. I’d like to wrestle London or Kendrick or both of them at PWA.

Daniel Johnson: Also, I know you have worked outside of Belgium. What are all of the places you’ve worked so far and where do you hope to work in the near future?
Spike Bones: I worked in France and Belgium. I’d like to wrestle all over Europe, I’ve some contacts elsewhere for the moment and I really hope to work for them.

Daniel Johnson: To end interviews I like to ask five non-wrestling questions then a few short wrestling questions. First what do you enjoy watching on TV?
Spike Bones: I love watching TV. The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and South Park.

Daniel Johnson: What is you favorite film to be released in the last year?
Spike Bones: It’s difficult, I saw a lot of good movies. Recently, I’d say Guardians of the Galaxy.

Daniel Johnson: What is your favorite song from the past year?
Spike Bones: “World on Fire” by Slash.

Daniel Johnson: Have you eaten any new foods in the last year? If so what has been you favorite?
Spike Bones: You won’t believe me. In June it was the first time I ate paella! In Spain, it was very good!

Daniel Johnson: Haha, cool. What is the last book you read and would you recommend it?
Spike Bones: It was Misery [by Stephen King]. It’s the fifth time I think, I love it. So yes, read it if you like suspense.

Daniel Johnson: Getting back to wrestling what, if anything, is the weirdest part about wrestling in Belgium?
Spike Bones: The fact that every promotion asks for nearly the same wrestlers to their shows.

Daniel Johnson: Who is your dream opponent and why?
Spike Bones: Kane. The first wrestler I saw and by who the passion came. More realistic, I’d like to wrestle Paul London in a one-on-one. This guy is awesome.

Daniel Johnson: Other than yourself who is one wrestler 25 or under readers should know about?
Spike Bones: TNK, for sure. This guy is good, humble and helpful.

Daniel Johnson: Ribs and road stories can be fun. Do you have any you could share?
Spike Bones: Yeah, from the last PWA show. Paul London, Yan Colby, Nitro from Hungarian Championship Wrestling (HCW), Audrey Bride and myself searched for something to eat. When we came to our cars, an old lady was looking at Paul like, “What is that?” and we had a big laugh. It’s not fun if you don’t live it, but believe me it was awesome.

Daniel Johnson: Cool! Lastly, is there anything you’d like to add?
Spike Bones: Just to the fans: Continue to cheer for us, because it’s the greatest prize we have. We are nothing without you. Thank you to all who support me. And thank you to take your time for me.

Check out Spike Bones in action! In this match from the November 21, 2014 Supremacy Wrestling show, Bones takes on rival, TNK in front of a raucous crowd in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont:

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