A Tiger For Steamboat

This match happened while Ricky Steamboat was on a roll and having some of the best matches of all time with Ric Flair. That said this match is not exactly Flair/Steamboat quality. For starters the beginning has way, way too much time dedicated to rest holds. It also is a little too short and could use at least another high spot or two given the move sets of Steamboat and Tiger Mask II (Mitsuharu Misaw). On the positive side the two get the crowd pumped, deliver a viciously entertaining chopfest and that piledriver on the outside looks lethal. Too bad Steamboat doesn’t sell it enough, which is surprising given that it is Ricky freaking Steamboat.

Despite being a quality bout, this match suffers from the two guys being unfamiliar with each other. If they had the chance to lock up a few more times or work together regularly on a tour they might have delivered a classic.

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