The Ultimate Warrior vs. Homosexuality

If you can believe it after watching this, the buildup surrounding the event made this match even odder to watch when it first happened. After years of putting down the wrestling business and making anti-homosexual remarks that at minimum bordered on hate speech, The Ultimate Warrior returned to the ring by wrestling openly bisexual wrestler, Orlando Jordan. Also, because this being Nu-Wrestling Evolution, a major Italian wrestling promotion (read: a small promotion overall) the company was desperate for attention. As such rather than build on Warrior’s heelish real life antics, the company instead promoted him as his circa 1990 super face persona.

For the match itself, don’t expect a return akin to The Rock’s recent singles comeback. Think more along the lines of Gangrel’s 2004 WWE comeback, where the guy looks a bit worse and all is quickly forgotten.

At least after the match each wrestler took an interesting career path. Warrior vacated the NWE Heavyweight Championship in favor of torturing a British “metal” band as seen here:

While Orlando Jordan went to TNA to portray a bisexual gimmick as subtle as this music video:

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