One of My Favorite Japanese Gimmicks x 3

Seriously, how can you beat Tiger Mask? Here is a rarity as you not only get one Tiger Mask, but three! Here Tiger Mask I, III and IV take on Jushin Liger, The Great Sasuke and Ultimo Dragon. Of course Tiger Mask I is way past his prime, but still delivers better than most guys half his age!

Also, if you like Tiger Masks you might find it interesting to know that at one point there were plans for a Tiger Mask V. He even apparently wrestled, but after an inquiry through FAN it became clear that getting any footage of him is quite difficult. Still, a poster on FAN was nice enough to produce this pic:

Here is Ikuhisa Minowa portraying Tiger Mask V alongside the original Tiger Mask. As I mentioned on FAN I guess his short stint would make him the George Lazenby of Tiger Masks!

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