Was Konnan Ever Good in the Ring?

Just an observation, but I often come across this question whenever I read things about Konnan on the Internet. By comparison I have never seen the question, “remember when Konnan was good in the ring?” So, I thought I would post this match to answer that question. Now, I am not saying necessarily that this match proves that Konnan could go in the ring at one point. However, if you don’t think Konnan put on a good match here then you may be hard pressed to find a Konnan match that you enjoy.

The reason that Konnan is often cited as being so poor in the ring is largely because of injuries. Now, even in this match that took place nearly 20 years ago at Triplemania I, Konnan was still a veteran of about six years.  As such, you can try to go back earlier to find an even healthier Konnan, but at least in my experience this match is pretty typical of early Konnan.

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