Japan Gets Infested By Piranhas

If you’re surprised that the idea of putting piranhas in wrestling started on the Japanese death match scene then you’ve obviously never seen a Japanese death match. Yes, this match type, which was infamously later attempted by WSX was done earlier in BJW. With all the brutality present in the match it probably could have been called a lot of things such as “attempted homicide,” but I’ll try to focus a bit on the piranhas.

The match is a bit similar to a scaffold match in that the entire bout centers on one big spot. The final spot is teased throughout the match such as when Kendo Nagasaki gets his bald head dipped in the water or even more enticingly when Mitsuhiro Matsunaga drips blood into the piranha death match tank of doom! You even have an (unintentional?) comedy moment when Nagasaki apparently forgets about the piranhas and splashes Matsunaga with a little water. Such a playful moment in a piranha death match!

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