Females Fighting for a 5 Star Match…And Their Hair

This bout proves that the key to having a truly classic match whether it is ranked by Dave Meltzer as a 5 star match or not is to have not only superior in-ring work, but high stakes as well. I remember when The Rock and John Cena’s Wrestlemania match was teased as being for the WWE Championship. At the time I saw that many online were against this as it seemed like it would be gilding the lily and make the card too thin. Hey maybe those people online were right. Yet, to quote Billy Idol “too much is never enough” and so here is Manami Toyota taking on Toshiyo Yamada not only for the IWA World Women’s Championship, but also for their hair.

When the match starts out it almost looks like it is stuck on fast forward, but surprisingly Toyota and Yamada really are that nimble. Complimenting their quickness is their expert in-ring psychology. When Yamada takes Toyota’s leg puts it behind her head and just starts wrenching it then you know Toyota’s legs are going to be in for a pounding. This is further supported about seven minutes into the bout when Yamada gives some really stiff kicks to Toyota’s leg before putting her in a beautiful looking single leg Boston crab.

As the match progresses it becomes apparent that Taz must has stolen “the human suplex machine” moniker from one of these women as they go through just about every suplex variation (except perhaps a standard vertical suplex). Aside from these moves their are also some dangerous spots thrown in such as Toyota hitting a top rope Asai moonsault to the outside.

After the match the story continues to unfold. Since the two are regular partners and friends the winner is unwilling to shave the head of the loser.

All this plus you have perhaps the worst looking referee shirt in the history of Dave Meltzer 5 star matches.

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