The USWA: Where Steel Chairs Beat Chainsaws

I was recently on the FAN forum and came across a thread aptly titled, “Best. Promo. Ever.” What followed was this:

I couldn’t have said it better myself. If your only exposure to Mike Kirchner is his stint as Corporal Kirchner in the then named WWF or more likely if you’ve never seen Kirchner then you can do worse than tracking down his matches in Japan. In FMW in particular where he cut this “promo” he took part in what could more accurately be called “unreported assaults” than “wrestling matches.”

To give you a taste of Leatherface in action I give you…a match not featuring Mike Kirchner at all. Instead most likely either Ken Raper or Mike Samples is under the mask here. If you want to see Kirchner in action…well…find it yourself. Or comeback and visit this blog another day when I’m sure I’ll get around to posting a Kirchner match. In the meantime marvel as Jerry Lawler fends a chainsaw wielding maniac off with a steel chair.

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