A 5 Star Bloodbath

This interpromotional match that earned a 5 star rating from Dave Meltzer saw Akira Hokuto, a key player in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling take on Shinobu Kandori, the leader of Ladies’ Legend Pro-Wrestling.

The slow start to this bout is epic and builds anticipation for the brutality that is to follow. Just look at the stiff punch Hokuto gives Kandori to begin! Kandori responds by viciously ripping into Hokuto’s arm which sets up a weakness that she plays up throughout the encounter.

After some stiff brawling mixed with technical wrestling Hokuto decides she has had enough! The two fight to the outside and Hokuto attempts to piledrive Kandori through a table. Kandori blocks the attempt and following a reversal tombstone piledrives Hokuto through the table. The only thing sicker than the indent left on the table is Hokuto’s blade job!

The two brawl into the audience, but not for long. At this point the blood is flowing freely from Hokuto’s forehead. Kandori looks like she gets busted open as well, but Hokuto is gushing so much by this point that she may just be covered in Hokuto’s splatter!

Back in the ring Hokuto takes advantage of Kandori coming in second and puts her boots to Kandori’s face. Hokuto’s control does not last long as Kandori gets Hokuto in a suplex position and dumps her to the outside then jumps over the ropes onto her.

Quickly back inside Kandori clamps on a crossface chickenwing and Hokuto sells her arm injury like a champ. Hokuto makes it to the ropes and by the this point there is enough blood to rival the black and white scene from Kill Bill Volume One!

Hokuto takes a lot more punishment, but manages to hit a big splash from the top rope. Not feeling like this is enough she attempts another one…and misses. Kandori rewards this efforts with a powerbomb and gets a two count. Kandori then misses a top rope maneuver and gets a Tiger Suplex from Hokuto for two.

Kandori’s adrenaline kicks in and she is able to clam on a crossface chickenwing in the middle of the ring. Hokuto looks doomed, but just manages to make it to the ropes.

A series of two counts mixed with brawling and a little high flying ensues including close calls after a powerbomb, some suplex variations and two bodyslams. Eventually the two are reduced to slugging it out and after a final knockout blow Hokuto gets the win!





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