A Bit of Women’s Wrestling From Australia

Here is some action from south of the border…south of the equator in fact! At first nothing in this match from New Horizons Pro Wrestling really stood out to me and it just came off as a generic, indyrrific women’s wrestling match (needless upskirt shots of Jessie McKay notwithstanding). Kellie Skater slowly sucked me into the bout with her suplex variations. In particular I enjoyed the spot where she performs a fisherman’s suplex and follows it up with a submission/taunt combo.

Still, with a match that lasts less than 10 minutes it is tough to get that generic, indy taste out of my mouth completely.

On a partially related note I think WWE could do well by pushing another star from Australia sometime in the near future whether it is a man or woman. It is a country with some solid wrestling that has more to offer than just Outback Jack and Nathan Jones.

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