Jack Hammering through the USWA

The guy who came up with the name, “Jack Hammer” for a wrestler must hold a booking record for a gimmick named in four seconds. At least the quality of the name matches the quality of the wrestler! Yes, these were dark times in Memphis when a guy wearing a third rate imitation of Road Warriors’ gear could be booked as a major squash machine. Heck, this was 1995 when the actual Road Warriors weren’t even that popular! Speaking of waning popularity old Jack even makes an M.C. Hammer reference during the pre-match interview by asking, “What times is it?” Again, this is 1995.

As for the match itself it is a typical USWA squash with legendary jobber T.D. Steel doing his best to make Mr. Hammer look like a beast. Despite the efforts of such jobbers the suckitude of their would-be stars helped the company go out of business about two years later.

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