I Ain’t Afraid o’ No Toast (Especially if it is Smothered in Butter)

Before the match begins and before you ask, yes that is Haystacks Calhoun, Jr. coming out to Huey Lewis and the News. I’m sorry. Actually, that is “Ghostbusters.” I’m not sorry that I got it wrong, but rather that some hack ripped off “I Want a New Drug” in the first place (yeah, Ray Parker, Jr., I still remember, you plagiarizing ingrate).

Moving forward, I bet matches like this made Sabu wish that Uncle Ed would have done something with his spare time like pursue his movie career. Nevertheless, The Sheik prepared his nephew for the squared circle. Speaking of circles, my goodness is Calhoun a big boy! The best part of the match is undoubtedly when Sabu is hitting Calhoun with a steel chair and Calhoun won’t sell it. Not out of ego or ineptitude mind you, but out of sheer laziness. On the other hand Sabu couldn’t have been that upset with this match. After all it wasn’t in ECW so he actually got paid for it.

For those confused about the finish let me explain. Calhoun tries to commit homicide by legdropping Sabu through a table, but misses. The resulting blast that Calhoun sent to Japan’s tectonic plates was so great that an earthquake warning had to be issued. FMW founder, Atsushi Onita quickly sent word to the ref and the building was evacuated.

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