Brits Brawl in a Battle Royal

I felt like including some alliteration in a post’s title and I found this match so here we go! If you were ever curious about that British guy who was over the hill in WCW or way over the hill in WWE, but could still go then this is a terrible match to watch for that. Sure, Dave Taylor is in it, but he can’t really show off his ability even if he does get in a gorilla press slam and last a decent amount of time.

If on the other hand you felt like watching a bunch of Europeans battle it out in what the commentator refers to as a royal rumble, but is actually what modern fans know better as a battle royal then this one is for you. Robbie Hagan sticks out like a sore thumb in this bout that took place at Wrestling Madness held by the Catch Wrestling Association. Hagan kind of reminds me of someone only gruffer and chunkier looking. That’s right! It is Owen Hart if he hadn’t shaved or bathed in a week and had a few too many boxes of Mallomars. Surprisingly he makes it to the final two before getting a dropick in the rump from Danny Boy Collins, the winner of the contest!

Other participants included: Tony Sinclair, Drew McDonald, El Bandito, Skull Murphy, Marty Jones, Terry Rudge, Chic Cullen, Robbie Brookside, Gary Clewyd, Kid McCoy and Johnny Saint.

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