The 5 Star Match: Where it All Began

When the history of professional wrestling is really examined it can be said that very few matches are actually special. This is one of those rarities.

During this period, Tiger Mask was red hot having listed the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship and the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship among his accomplishments. Dynamite Kid was also earning a name for himself having traveled the world. The two engaged in a series of matches across multiple years with each one coming out looking better at different points. Shortly before this match Tiger sustained and injury and needed to vacate his titles. Having a great match with a familiar, but still rising opponent would keep him looking as good as he looked pre-injury.

The match starts off with a wristlock from Dynamite Kid that Tiger Mask flips out of. Kid stays on the offense by clamping on a headlock and then a chinlock.

After escaping from Dynamite’s submissions, Tiger hits a spin kick and Dynamite exits the ring. Tiger hits him with a suicide dive. Tiger has little time to basque in the glory of this because soon Dynamite gives him a dropkick from the top rope.

Tiger goes up top shortly after and hits Dynamite in the face with a big elbow. Tiger soon back body drops Dynamite out of the ring, but the kid returns to clamp on another submission. When Tiger escapes Dynamite puts on another hold while at the same time trying to unmask his foe.

The bell rings a bit later when Dynamite gets flipped outside of the ring and Tiger runs off of the apron to crossbody him out over the guardrail. The fight continues and the two go back inside. Dynamite delivers a tombstone piledriver and tries to go up top. However, the ref won’t let the match continue.

Dynamite gets on the mic and the ref checks with both participants. The ref then announces that the match will continue. Dynamite hits another tombstone piledriver and follows it up with a diving headbutt. Dynamite tries another headlock and gets hit with a belly-to-back suplex. Tiger follows it up with a tombstone of his own.

Dynamite soon exits the ring and Tiger jumps outside, but only hits the floor. The two try to German suplex each other and keep trading counters until Dynamite dives through the ropes while Tiger is locked around him.

The fight spills onto the floor with the two messing each other up along the guardrail. Tiger goes back in and Dynamite attacks the ref. Dynamite brings in a foreign object, but tosses it before he has a chance to attack Tiger.

Dynamite tries to unmask Tiger one last time, but again the two cannot keep it in the ring. Tiger gives Dynamite a tombstone on the floor. Rather than finally allowing Tiger to win, Dynamite may as well have asked, “What do you want on your Tombstone?” Dynamite somehow gets up and hits a final tombstone resulting in a double count out.

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