Cesaro Needs More Variety

One part of Antonio Cesaro’s performance that I always liked since I first saw him wrestle as Claudio Castagnoli is the importance he places on European uppercuts. The European uppercut is performed all of the time in wrestling, but 99.9 percent of the time it is just a throwaway move. So, at first it might seem kind of ridiculous for a European (Swiss) wrestler to showcase the move so prominently in his matches. After all we never saw Sheamus or Fit Finlay act like doing an Irish whip was anything special. Yet, Cesaro or Castagnoli, whatever you want to call him, makes it work including in this match with Yamato.

On the flip side as fun as Cesaro’s use of the European uppercut is, it is only one move. If all he did for this entire match was the European uppercut for eight minutes we all would probably hate the move by the end. Similarly, Cesaro is given few opponents to work with despite being in the big leagues. It is odd because even though World Wrestling Entertainment dwarfs Ring of Honor, Castagnoli had an array of talent to work with on the independents. It is a shame because as the commentators point out Castagnoli can work a variety of styles. So why not offer him a variety opponents, WWE?

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