A WCW Cruiserweight Match in AJPW

Here is a match that could have stolen the show as part of the undercard in 2001 WCW. Despite the company being criticized heavily during the end of its run 2001 actually wasn’t too bad. At the bare minimum it was a hell of a lot better than 2000. Part of the reason for this was that despite all the garbage, WCW always retained at least some quality workers outside of the main event. Performers like The Jung Dragons, Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang. Well, in this battle The Jung Dragons explode!

As for the match itself it reminds me a lot of WCW. There is some quality content there, but some of the mistakes drag it down. Still, I like to be optimistic so let us focus more on all the positives this match has to offer. Hayashi and Yang trade blows in a vicious chopfest, not once, but twice! Plus, there is all the swell high speed and aerial maneuvers. There are some standards like Hayashi reversing an Irish whip by turning it into a springboard elbow and some less frequently seen spots like Yang cutting Hayashi’s top rope crossbody off with a dropkick. Okay, maybe that isn’t that rare, but still impressive. As mentioned they do mess up at times such as botching the figure-four around the post, but with this kind of speed some mistakes are to be expected.

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  1. Jimmy Yang is extremely talented! He will compete in a cage match on December 6 in Fairfield Maine agaist Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett for the United States Championship!


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