Biff Busick Gets Hit By a Meteor

by Daniel Johnson

Anthony Stone vs. Biff Busick

Fans of mat wrestling, chain wrestling, etc. should get a kick out of this one. Commentator Denver Colorado even plays up Biff Busick’s excellent training background including his work under Brian Fury, Lance Storm and Funaki. Indeed!

After the two trade front face locks and a bunch of submissions that amateur wrestling advocates might enjoy Stone is the first one to insert some real fast paced action. He does so gingerly enough with a kick in the face for Busick. He follows this up by running and delivering another kick. Going to the top rope doesn’t prove to be successful for Stone and after he misses he gets smashed in the face with a lariat by Busick. The move looks so stiff that it is nearly in Stan Hansen territory which adds to the gritty feel of the match.

Stone gives some delayed selling to a punch, which looks unconvincing, but he makes up for it by wrapping his arms around Busick for a sick German suplex. He tries to roll him around for another one, but Busick reverses. Stone flips to his feet after Biff’s German suplex attempt and there is some good back and forth action. Stone comes out on top by clobbering Busick with two knees to the chest for a meteor finisher.

The clip ends with a handshake followed by the theme from Love Story playing. Okay, maybe I made that second part up.

If you enjoyed this clip then you can do worse than checking out another wrestler with a similar style, Jonathan Gresham. If you haven’t seen Gresham before it is worth knowing that he is one of the brightest Beyond Wrestling stars that will be coming to a Beyond Wrestling show near you (at least if you live near the  CHIKARA Wrestle Factory).

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