TNA Final Resolution (2012) Review

by Daniel Johnson

finalresolution2012The 2012 edition of TNA Final Resolution probably falls somewhere in the middle of all the pay-per-views the company has had this year in terms of quality. There were no mind blowing matches, but at the same time there were no stinkers either. Predictably AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels had the match of the night even though that rivalry has been played out to death. In fact, the commentators even pointed out that all in all TNA estimates that Styles/Daniels happened 115 times in one form or another. Austin Aries/Bully Ray had the second best competition and managed to improve on their beyond decent performance at TNA Sacrifice 2012. Rob Van Dam/Kenny King and Tara/Mickie James exceeded expectations with the latter being the best women’s match the company has had on pay-per-view in sometime. With that said let’s take a tad closer look at the night that was.

James Storm defeated Kazarian

James Storm opened the show by cutting a promo. He talked about how he wasn’t scheduled to compete at the event, but would still like to take apart Bobby Roode. Instead Kazarian came out and insulted Storm and the audience for being alcoholics. Storm demanded a match with Kazarian and a referee came down to make it official.  The match had the feeling of a typical opener from TNA’s weekly TV show rather than being pay-per-view worthy. Just when the action starts to get going Storm signals for the last call super kick. Luckily, the heelish Kazarian pulls the ref in front of him. Unluckily, about five seconds later Storm hits the kick and the match ends anyway.

Rating: 3.25 stars

Rob Van Dam (c) defeated Kenny King to retain the TNA X Division Championship

Last month RVD ruined what could have been Joey Ryan’s first great X division pay-per-view match like he has ruined so many other matches. Of course I’m talking about his excessive showboating. RVD appeared very unlike how he is these days in this contest and I mean that in the best possible way. Van Dam kept his head in the game for this one, that is until King nearly knocked it off. When RVD went for a top rope maneuver the former WWF Tough Enough contestant  cut him off with a kick that sent the ECW alumnus to the outside. These guys couldn’t keep up a lightning quick pace forever and the bout started to slow down after this spot. King came close to hitting RVD with the royal flush, but RVD instead caught him with a body scissors pin to triumph.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) defeated Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Poor Joey Ryan. When is he ever going to catch a break on a TNA pay-per-view? Okay, nothing he has been in has been too bad including this match, which is at least decent. However, if you’ve seen some of his indie work then you can attest that Ryan is capable of so much more. If he doesn’t have a near 4 star X division match in the next six months than it will be obvious TNA has no idea how to unleash his full potential. Anyway, the heels come off as a threat here and the most interesting part of the bout prior to the conclusion is when Morgan and Hernandez get in the ring together. Morgan keeps challenging Hernandez to bounce off the ropes and knock him down, but Morgan continues to hold his ground. Still, as tough as the challengers look it isn’t long before Chavo hits a frog splash on Ryan for the pin and…Morgan pulls the ref out. The champions retain, but it is via disqualification. Morgan lets loose on Chavo after the bell rings and Hernandez does his splash over the top rope.

Rating: 3 stars

Austin Aries defeated Bully Ray

Bully Ray gets busted open in this match that is a good deal more physical than their previous pay-per-view encounter. The Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray storyline continues as Brooke comes out to check on her battered Bubba toy. Aries becomes livid (or at least more livid) and grabs Brooke and throws her in the ring. Before Aries can do anything else to Brooke, Bully awakens and starts laying into Aries. Hulk Hogan also comes out and Bully yells at him that they have to get Brooke out of there as if Aries was wielding an axe and high on PCP. With Bully still distracted by Brooke, Aries hits him with a nut shot and gets the win. On a side note it is a good thing they are not paying Hogan on a per appearance deal. He really added nothing to this show.

Rating: 4 stars

Tara (c) (with Jessie Godderz) defeated Mickie James to retain the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

Micke James brings some fiery offense to the table early on, but Tara nearly hits a widow’s peak. Mickie manages to avoid it. After some clotheslines and striking it looks like it is time for Tara to retreat so Jessie pulls her out of the ring. Mickie shows her disdain for this move by hitting a sweet looking Lou Thesz press to the outside. Jessie is not quite done interfering and distracts Mickie again. Jessie gets a kick for his trouble, but Mickie lets her eye wander from Tara. Tara takes advantage of this with a widow’s peak. If they wanted to push this match from good to great than Mickie would have kicked out and the match would have went another five minutes. However, this is 2012 TNA and the company just can’t allow a great women’s match.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco defeated Devon, DOC and two masked members of Aces & 8s

Kudos to TNA for not going with the obvious swerve by having Wes Brisco and/or Garett Bischoff turn on Angle and Joe. Other than that TNA doesn’t deserve kudos for much else in this match. The Aces & 8s’ storyline needs to either be overhauled or ended immediately. It was bad enough when they were just having Hogan and Sting get into whacky adventures with them every week. Now they are wasting Angle and Joe in pay-per-view matches with a gaggle of rejected Scooby-Doo villains. As for this encounter the match starts with Angle and Devon. Angle has to physically restrain Joe from ripping apart the members of the heel stable. Oddly enough when Joe is tagged in it is not long before  Aces & 8s are thoroughly gang assaulting him. Angle comes back in  ready to go and it is not long before Angle pins the smaller masked man after an Angle slam.

Rating: 3 stars

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles

As many times as this match has happened and as much as Daniels needs to move on, in terms of match quality it is always going to be money in the bank. Here, we get serious Daniels. Well, at least as serious as he can be for a guy who walks to ring with an even more exaggerated version of the McMahon walk. The fight spills outside when Syles does a suplex off of the ring apron. Not to be outdone Daniels drives Styles into the very edge of the ring mat and bounces outside with a uranage slam. Styles sells his exasperation when he just barely misses defeating Daniels with a Styles clash. AJ wants that win even if he has to repeat the move from the ropes. Unfortunately for him Daniels holds on. To add insult to injury Daniels defeats his longtime opponent for the “final time” with a Styles clash of his own.

Rating: 4.25 stars

Jeff Hardy (c) defeated Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Anyone ever notice how recently Jeff Hardy has been ganging 20 pounds between the tale of the tape segment and the ring introductions? Anyway, there is a decent amount of back and forth action. Perhaps the spot of match is Hardy missing an attack by using the ring steps to jump off of onto Roode only to instead land in the audience. Aces & 8s come out and the commentators play up Roode’s recent alliance with them. However, Roode just gets distracted with their presence and Hardy defeats him with a twist of fate. After the match Aces & 8s attack both wrestlers. Again, can this angle either be overhauled or ended?

Rating: 3.5 stars

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