A Beyond Wrestling Mirror Match

by Daniel Johnson

Nick Talent vs. Chris Powers

One thing might jump out at you in the opening seconds of this match emanating from the CHIKARA Wrestle Factory. Aside from Nick Talent’s Twitter trunks, what cannot be avoided are the similar looks of Talent and Powers. Talent plays this up to the crowd resulting in a “he’s more handsome” chant favoring Chris Powers. Beyond body structure and some facial features there are noticeable differences. Despite being the face Powers looks more menacing with his tattoos and goatee. Wait a second. Similar look? Menacing? Goatee? It looks like we’ve found the evil Spock version of  Nick Talent. I don’t know who was looking for him, but we’ve found him.

In regards to the actual match quality there is some tough looking striking throughout. Powers hits a sloppy dropkick at one point, but other than that his technique is fluid and impressive especially for a guy that Denver Colorado points out is brand new to the wrestling scene. Powers even makes up for his initial dropkick later by hitting a much more impressive one off the top rope. Another sweet move he pulls off is a standing moonsault.

There is a rarity for Beyond Wrestling matches in this contest. Colorado mentions that Powers is bleeding which generally doesn’t happen. The blood is next to impossible to see though unless you look close at the ring mat.

So who wins the original or the reflection? There is only one way to find out!

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