A Look at the Head Bangers in 2012

by Daniel Johnson

The Head Bangers vs. Fusion DS

Watching The Head Bangers wrestle in ROH makes one wonder why the WWE haven’t brought them in for a nostalgia pop in the last few years. There is (or was) apparently some bad blood in the company towards them as shown by their spot on this list a while back. However, bad blood has rarely stopped Vince McMahon from making money before so who knows what gives.

The Head Bangers are one of those gimmicks that don’t depend heavily on in-ring work. They could be (and perhaps will be used by ROH) in a 2008-2012 Goldust-esque role. Plenty of appearances, but not a whole lot of emphasis on in-ring feuds.

All that said The Head Bangers have held up amazingly well. There’s not a whole lot different between how the team looked in 1996 and how they look in 2012. More impressively their in-ring performance is about the same. It is true that the pair were never the best workers, but so many performers just stop caring after more than 15 years. Not these guys. The move of the match by far is Mosh’s burning hammer! I can’t believe I just typed that for a match that took place this year!

Oh yeah and The Head Bangers are former WWF Tag Team Champions in case you missed one of what seemed like a dozen mentions by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness in this clip.

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