How The Shield Changed The Game

by Bad Booking


Ryback looked to be on his way to become WWE Champion.

At the Survivor Series, this meat hook of a superstar was decimating perennial favorites CM Punk and John Cena. This big hoss looked like he had it all in control.

Until three strange men showed up.

They took to the colossus and beat him down like a bitch. This allowed CM Punk to retain the title and for the WWE Universe to wonder, “What could have been…”

WWE had been shaken to its core thanks to three rebels who had a mission.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns formed an alliance to take down their perceived notion of evil. With their SWAT-like attires, and with the color scheme to match, they looked like Dark Knights in a federation where backstabbers and hypocrites line the streets like stained pieces of laundry. Their video promos were also reminders of The Joker’s speeches from The Dark Knight, with grainy video and crystal clear messages of mayhem.

While coming into the ring via the audience isn’t new, their approach in why they do this is. If there is one man, or two men waiting to be preyed upon, it is best to attack from different angles to get their kill in uniform fashion.

This style of warfare was put to an extreme test at the last WWE pay-per-view event T(ables)L(adders)C(hairs).

To think, their match was created completely by accident.

CM Punk had been having problems with his knee for some time. Two weeks before TLC on Raw, Ryback blew his case wide open with an attack that encompassed all three elements of TLC. Originally, Ryback had a title match with Punk in a not-so tender-loving-care environment.

Now with Punk out due to surgery on said knee, the big guy is thrust into a new predicament. He now has a six-man TLC match with partners Daniel Bryan and Kane to take on this dastardly triumvirate.

This new team is what should have been called Team Hell n’ Back (copyright Freakin’ Awesome Network forums).

The match that would ensue could very well have been the most significant match of 2012. Of the decade. Hell, of this millennium!

For 25 minutes, these six men all tore each other a new asshole. Some bumps were bigger than others, but how it was combated felt completely original.

The Shield would separate one man, not unlike an animal from a pack, and completely wear him down. This happened to all three men on Ryback’s team, and in some cases more than once. While the babyfaces would all have turns making comebacks, they could not string together lasting momentum. The Shield was always there to break the submission or to break the pinfall.

In the end, it took Seth Rollins sacrificing himself off of a 20 foot ladder through four tables to allow Reigns/Ambrose to pick up the duke. The three wounded soldiers of fortune valiantly fought the elements.

This match, created by accident because of unfortunate circumstances, made three new stars in one night. It was the 2012 equivalent of the 1999 No Mercy ladder contest between Edge/Christian and The Hardy Boyz.

WWE had problems finding new talent to curate and grow over the last decade or so. Thanks to creative changes, and with men like the ones in The Shield on the full time roster, the future looks a little more secure.

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