Why Not Throw El Generico In the Royal Rumble?

by Daniel Johnson

El Generico vs. Twiggy

We are just a few hours away from the most exciting hour of wrestling in the year, the 2013 Royal Rumble match. While there will no doubt be some great moments, nifty eliminations and even a surprise entrant (or a few) one guy who will probably not appear is recent WWE hire El Generico.

Now, I know what your saying, “You idiot, of course he’s not going to appear. He’s going to get sent to developmental and then probably show up months later unmasked with a name like Sean Rami. Why did you make such a pointless statement?” Well, you’ve got some nerve mister.

Unfortunately, yes there is about a 0 percent chance that El Genrico will pop up in tonight’s match. Despite the above ISW match showing that he is capable of some incredible moves and believably selling a hurricanrana and chopfest from a much smaller opponent like Twiggy he will probably be sent to developmental. If he appears in a Rumble match then the earliest it will be is the 2014 Royal Rumble. This is a real shame because WWE hasn’t taken chances like putting a guy like El Generico in the Rumble since they were the WWF.

Sure, chances don’t always pay off. Like at the 1996 Royal Rumble when The Headhunters showed up out of nowhere and didn’t appear in the WWF again until 1997. Yet, sometimes chances can make a difference. Diesel had a failing gimmick before going into the 1994 Royal Rumble and tearing the scene up. Of course in that case the WWF got carried away and we got 1995: The Year WWF Ran on Diesel Power Because They Had No Money to Run on.

As ridiculous as it may sound WWE throwing El Generico into this year’s Rumble would make some positive impression no matter what. I suggest having him come out in his regular El Generico gimmick and own the ring when it is filled with curtain jerkers before eliminating himself Randy Savage style. That way audiences get a taste of the lovable goofball that is El Generico while at the same time getting the idea that he can be an aggressive competitor. Smarks would love it and the casual fan would be left asking, “Who was that masked man?”

At the very least we would get a Headhunter moment that could be brought up 17 years later as an excuse to put some other indie guy in the Rumble.

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