The Lost ROH Throwback Thursday Match

by Daniel Johnson

Spanky vs. CM Punk

It is better to have ROH late than never. Last week, ROH Throwback Thursday was delayed for some reason until Sunday, July 7, but now here it is for Transcriptonians to enjoy in all it’s glory.

This match really starts to pick up when CM Punk attempts a springboard off of the top rope only to get kicked off of the rope and come crashing to the mat. From there Spanky aka Brian Kendrick hammers his leg and even goes to the outside and wraps it around the ring post. Spanky’s folly comes when he tries to hit sliced bread #2, but instead gets planted crotch-first on the ropes leading to Punk hitting an inverted superplex.

The match gets on more even ground, but this is just momentary. Punk keeps selling his injured knee and Spanky takes advantage of this by eventually clotheslining Punk and going for an Eddie Guerrero approved frog splash. However, Punk sacrifices his knees and lifts them up which hurts Spanky perhaps just as much.

As the match comes to a close Punk trumpets his next move, a shining wizard. Unfortunately for Punk, Spanky has it scouted and plants him with a super kick. Punk hits what is called a modified Jay-driller by the commentators and eventually tries a DDT, but Punk’s knee is just too badly hurt. Spanky wins it with sliced bread #2. The bout is kind of interesting given what Punk’s eventual finishing move would be.

Overall, if the match is not Wrestlemania quality then it is darn close to it. It’s a bit of a shame that it took place only in front of about 1,000 fans at ROH Third Anniversary Celebration: Part 1.

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