Epic and St. Giovanni at the CZW Academy

by Daniel Johnson

Aaron Epic vs. Leon St. Giovanni

Here’s a good match to watch while microwaving your frozen lasagna. These  guys prove they don’t get paid by the hour with all the fast paced action they manage to pack into less than nine minutes. Denver Colorado plays up Leon St. Giovanni’s past with Beyond Wrestling and how he is something of a prodigal son, having been absent from the promotion for a while before returning for this match. Despite this as the bell rings Giovanni comes in with a Beyond Wrestling record of -2 while Epic stands at 6.

The best part of the match has to be when Giovanni yells into the camera while he is dominating. He turns around as Epic gets up then bounces off the ropes right into a punch vaguely reminiscent of when Chris Weidman  knocked Anderson Silva out at UFC 162. In fact, it nearly gives new meaning to Beyond Wrestling All Killer.

However, before the match ends there is one more punch Epic wants to hit, his match ending fastball punch. Giovanni manages to dodge it once, but his luck doesn’t hold out. Epic hits an elevated knee strike before unleashing that elusive fastball punch to put St. Giovanni away.

Also, this week the folks at Beyond Wrestling uploaded some other clips ranging from those showcasing athleticism to  the comedic yet completely inappropriate.

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