ROH Throwback Thursday: Early Days With Eddie Guerrero

by Daniel Johnson

Eddie Guerrero and The Amazing Red vs. The SAT

ROH pulled way back and dug out a whopper for this week’s edition of ROH Throwback Thursday. This match is from only the third ever show the company held, ROH Night of Appreciation. Also, Eddie Guerrero! What more needs to be said about that?

Eddie Guerrero was actually the WWE Intercontinental Champion during this match, which saw him team with The Amazing Red against Red’s family Joel Maximo and Jose Maximo, The SAT. Red starts off with a bunch of armdrags, but the Maximos quickly gain an advantage. That is until Guerrero comes in and from that point on Guerrero puts his all into the match and never stops. It is one impressive move after another from all involved including one point where Red performs a tornado DDT with Guerrero just to give some head scissors to a Maximo.

t is tough to pick a move of the match there are so many of them! Especially from Red! Some more impressive moves include a Maximo jumping right into a standstill spin wheel back flip kick to Red flipping over the top rope to the floor to Guerrero launching Red  into a hurricanrana on a Maximo. Guerrero doesn’t hit a frogsplash in this match, but he doesn’t need to. Instead he pulls out a brainbuster before ending the match with a Gory special (named after fellow wrestling great and relative, Gory Guerrero).

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