Indie Flashback: The First Beyond Wrestling YouTube Clip Ever

by Daniel Johnson

J-Block vs. Zane Silver

For whatever reason the folks at Beyond Wrestling have not uploaded a single video to YouTube in a week. Since Transcriptonians have come to expect a Beyond Wrestling clip being featured on this site every Sunday I figured instead of skipping it we’d go back. How far we going back? Way back!

The first ever match uploaded to Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel comes from the magical year that was 2009. The economy of the United States was even more in the crapper than it is now, Avatar was a monster at the box office and Myspace was still kind of, sort of relevant. Remember Myspace? Well, the folks at Beyond Wrestling sure do as the video boldly links to their official Myspace page, which has long since been abandoned.

As this video proves the match was shot in color, but is featured here in black and white I guess to give it an old school feel…or maybe it was to promote a copy of the match intended to be in color and released for sale? I guess only Denver Colorado knows for sure. Speaking of Denver Colorado he is nowhere to be found in this clip or at least if he is, his voice cannot be distinguished from the wrestlers surrounding the ring.

The match feature J-Block and Zane Silver mat wrestling until J-Block punches Silver, but then he gets knocked down with a stiff kick. Three more kick variations soon follow from Silver before J-Block tries to hit his own. Silver catches J-Block’s foot and J-block finds himself just escaping a three count. At about this time you can hear an audible burp. Who could be so savage? I didn’t think Jaka was around that far back!

Silver later hits a full nelson suplex and bridges it, but only gets two. J-Block fights back with a death valley driver and a little later hits a lariat. Silver comes back with a standard snapmare followed by yet more kicks. Silver nearly gets J-Block in a muscle buster, but J-Block just flips over him. J-Block hits one of the better moves of the match with sliced bread #2 then spits in Silver’s face then smacks Silver’s face with a running high five. This last move wakes Silver up and he charges at J-Block, but misses and gets smacked again. J-Block misses a third running high five and gets kicked some more. Silver soon goes up top to nail a dropkick and follows it up with a belly-to-back variation. Silver goes onto hit some kicks and a double palm thrust taken right out of Street Fighter.

As the match winds down J-Block delivers one last running high five and Silver hits a senton off the top rope for two. J-Block gets dirty for the finish and kicks Silver dead in the nuts before planting him on his face for a three count.

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