Indie Flashback: Mike Sydal Wrestles for the MPW Kansas Championship

by Daniel Johnson

“Rock n’ Roll” Mike Sydal vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles

This match from MPW, or just Metro Pro as the cool kids call it, is sort of all over the place, but a fun ride nonetheless. “Rock n’ Roll” Mike Sydal comes out in a leather biker outfit before revealing his tights, which are more reminiscent of The Rockers than of a leather daddy. To start the match MPW Kansas Championship defender, “Showtime” Bradley Charles charges at Sydal, but Sydal leaps over him, completely clearing his opponent in a smooth move. Sydal unleashes some forearms before Charles comes back. The first few minutes of the match seem a bit long, but after Sydal attempts a crossbody only to get caught for a fallaway slam, Sydal gets a chance to really sink his teeth into some good selling.

When Sydal is ready for his comeback he hits a reverse DDT then follows it up with some striking before splitting his legs in what looks to be a painful spot. However, Sydal is just playing possum and clotheslines Charles. Sydal also ducks an attack from Charles and delivers a neckbreaker. Sydal goes to the top rope for the first time in the encounter and hits a sloppy double knee attack to Charles’ face. In short order, Sydal goes back to the top and hits a picture perfect moonsault. This only gets Sydal a two count and after Charles kicks him in the nuts it is time for Charles to really heel it up. After an unprettier, Charles performs a top rope maneuver of his own and lays Sydal out with a spinning heel kick and his long kiss goodnight finisher, which is an ace crusher from the fireman’s carry position. However, Charles only gets a two count.

As the match wraps up Sydal sweeps Charles’ leg then lands a standing moonsault. Charles comes back briefly and puts Sydal in a single leg Boston crab. Charles gets cocky and shouts, “I’m going to break his leg.” However, Charles’ hubris is his downfall as Sydal soon makes him tap to a Muta lock. The Great Muta himself would be proud of that finish.

On a random note since this match happened on a Metro Pro show around Christmas the commentators make several references to ACH wrestling Santa Claus. Really, more independent promotions should book Santa.

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