ROH Throwback Thursday: Three on Three in Tokyo

by Daniel Johnson

Briscoe Brothers and Naomichi Marufuji vs. Ricky Marvin, Atsushi Aoki and Matt Sydal

This addition to ROH Throwback Thursday comes from ROH Live in Tokyo right near the company’s peak thus far as an organization. In the early goings of this match some moments that stand out are Rick Marvin running around so fast he would have been blown up in seconds if this was a singles match, Naomichi Marufuji and Atsushi Aoki trading stiff as heck forearm shots and Jay Briscoe standing on Marvin’s chest as Mark Briscoe and Marufuji add their weight on. In fact, Mark and Marufuji join Jay in the ring for a longtime once Aoki gets tagged in while Marvin and Matt Sydal are standing on the apron like a couple of doofuses. The highlight of the Briscoe Brothers and Marufuji ruling the ring has to be their triple super kick on Aoki.

Aoki finally manages a hot tag after a belly-to-back suplex and Marvin explodes on Jay. Marvin hits a moonsault variation, a handspring into a DDT and an enziguri in quick succession. However, Jay drives Marvin into some turnbuckles and makes a tag to Marufuji. Marvin and Marufuji go dropkick for dropkick then super kick for super kick before Aoki gets tagged in. Despite just taking some punishment from Marvin while Aoki rested on the ropes, Marufuji comes out on top and tags in Mark. Mark unloads the most impressive array of offense in the match with a springboard dropkick followed by landing on his feet after a big back body drop attempt then hitting a corkscrew from the apron, Mark’s assault is not done as he also hits a beautiful moonsault and a powerbomb.

Sydal comes in and does some signature spots including his ever impressive hurricanrana  he jumps into from the mat to the ropes. As the match comes to an end Jay and Mark attempt a spingboard doomsday device on Sydal. Sydal rolls out of it and attempts to pin Jay at first. Yet, when Marufuji comes in to assist with the springboard doomsday device, it is all over for Sydal.

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