Puro Flashback: Mutoh Sweeps the Leg

by Daniel Johnson

Keiji Mutoh vs. Seiya Sanada

Okay, so maybe Keiji Mutoh doesn’t sweep Seiya Sanada’s leg Cobra Kai style in this match, but he sure as heck punishes it. In the early portion of this match, Mutoh doesn’t focus on Sanada’s legs at all, but after hitting a dropkick on one leg, Mutoh follows up with a dragon screw and a figure four. No wonder Mutoh has the word, “genius” written across his ass in this clip! In fact, Mutoh’s offense is so affective that Sanada only gets some momentum going his way after a fluke enziguri. Still, fluke or not it gets Mutoh off his feet and allows Sanada to hit a Tiger suplex that would make Tiger Mask I himself envious. Of course it helps that in 2009 when this match took place Sanada looked like he was chiseled out of granite. Sanada was perhaps even more buff than Buff.

Getting back to the in-ring action Mutoh hits a shinning wizard on Sanada after a schoolboy attempt. There is a little more back and forth action and Sanada even goes up top for a dropkick, which Mutoh counters appropriately enough with…another dropkick! Perhaps, if The Great Muta was wrestling, Sanada would have gotten a face full of mist instead. At any rate Sanada is soon tapping as Mutoh ends the bout with a figure four.

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