Beyond Wrestling: Washington Bullets Pop Up

by Daniel Johnson

The KOA vs. Washington Bullets

The above clip is quite an unusual contribution to Beyond Wrestling. This bout from Progression Pro Wrestling (PPW) has a super weird electronic intro that segues into the match.  PPW also actually has their own YouTube channel, but it is a little light on material. Likewise the production quality is a little different from that displayed by Beyond Wrestling as most of this clip comes from being shot on one hard camera.

As for the in-ring action, The KOA consisting of Aaron Epic and Sugar Dunkerton are on fire as always. Likewise, their opponents Jon Williams and Trey Williams work so well as a team it is almost like watching just one person wrestle. After plenty of back and forth action all four men look spent. In the closing minutes of the bout The KOA appear ready for victory when all of a sudden Sugar Dunkerton gets tripped and pulled to the outside. For the finish Epic gets hit with a kick, backstabber and cutter combo from The Washington Bullets.

In other Beyond Wrestling news, the folks running their YouTube channel also uploaded a new addition to the A Lot Can Happen in a Minute series. Also, the company is running a contest to name a new move.

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