Young Wrestler Spotlight: Clutch Adams

by Daniel Johnson

Clutch Adams


Clutch Adams, 22, is a product of the Monster Factory, which is known for training such stars as Sheamus, Raven, and Bam Bam Bigelow among others. Although the Monster Factory was previously run by Larry Sharpe, Adams learned his skills from Danny Cage, who has been the sole owner since 2011.

Adams debuted nearly two years ago, having worked on Monster Factory Pro Wrestling (MFPW) shows, which are events held by the wrestling school in front of fans. During this time he formed Factory’s Finest with fellow New Jersey native, Michael Spanos. In their home state the duo captured the MFPW Tag Team Championship. Simultaneously Adams evidently was honing certain moves in his repertoire. His dropkick in particular is something to look out for.

At just over 200 lbs, Adams is not the biggest guy, which fits his character as he excels at playing a cowardly and arrogant heel. Yet, given his chiseled physique and distinct heavyweight look, playing a tough jock may fit him better. Out of the ring Adams regularly cuts promo from a gym so he already has elements of this type of character in his work.

Not long after he debuted for MFPW, Adams branched out into World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Pennsylvania. There Factory’s Finest won the WXW Elite Tag Team Championship by defeating Bad Intentions consisting of AC Anderson and Havoc on July 20, 2014. At the same time the team was still wrestling in MFPW where they briefly feuded with former WWE stars Mosh and Thrasher, The Headbangers.

Despite losing the MFPW Tag Team Championship and the WXW Elite Tag Team Championship, Adams continues to wrestle for both companies as he continues to develop.

A recommended match:

Clutch Adams vs. Nick Comoroto

The fans are ready to hate Clutch Adams as soon as he comes out and points to his ass, which just so happens to be covered by gear with his name printed on it. Adams proceeds to taunt the crowd including getting up in the grill of a little boy, which always helps to get a reaction.

His opponent at the MFPW December 13, 2014 show was Nick Comoroto. The story going into this one is that Adams had beef with Comoroto since he blamed him for losing the MFPW Tag Team Championship. Comoroto had agreed to team with Adams in a losing effort after Adams’ regular partner, Michael Spanos had been injured.

When Comoroto enters the ring, Adams immediately jumps out. Adams yells at his larger foe, “Shut up! Shut your mouth!” When Adams gets inside the ring he gets pushed down during a tie up, which makes him retreat to the ring apron. Before long Comoroto has nailed three suplex variations, which allows Adams a chance to showcase his selling. In particular he takes a gutwrench suplex well and gets a lot of air when bouncing off of the mat.

Adams dodges a corner attack from Comoroto then targets Comoroto’s left arm and executes an awesome dropkick along the way. Although this segment of the match gives Adams the chance to show off his in-ring psychology, he gets a small, “Clutch can’t wrestle” chant. The fans may as well have been chanting, “Clutch has a vagina” because it would have been just as inaccurate. Although I admit I haven’t consulted with Clutch nor his physician on this.

After a big back bodydrop, Comoroto takes back control and then hits a very Hulk Hogan-esque atomic legdrop. Comoroto attempts to finish the bout by picking Adams off of the mat for a powerbomb, but Adams rolls over and pins Comoroto with a sunset flip for the win.

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  1. Never saw this guy before but he does have talent. He needs to slow it down about half the speed to let his stuff sink in. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on him.

  2. Clutch Adams is my get uncles son. He is a twin w/sister Nina. Haven’t seen him in awhile but his grandmother, my great grandma, RIP, Nana, actually 1st got him interested in WWE. He’s a great guy & dad. Wish him nothing than the best (Go Georgie)!!! Love you, Aunt GI xxoo!!!!!


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