Site News 11/27/15

by Daniel Johnson


Unfortunately, today marks one of the final updates for The Johnson Transcript for the foreseeable future. I was hoping to continue with updates in a reduced capacity compared to previous years. Even this proved too difficult as I just do not have the time given my career outside of this website that has nothing to do with pro wrestling. I’d prefer to stick a fork in it rather than continue on with updates that would be too spread out and of a lower quality.

With that said, it isn’t all bad news! I had a few other announcements:

*The archives of this website will stay online and I have no plans to take them down anytime soon. So if there are any old pieces you really enjoyed feel free to read them anytime.

*As of right now the final update of the website will be made on December 4, 2015.

*Alex Knapp has a new installment of Wrestling Game StArcade. Check it out here! He has one more left to go, which will be included as part of the final site update.

*All contests for the website have ended. The following bullet points list the winners.

*The first winner of the Purobox from IVP Videos is Deandre from Indiana. Deandre voted for Adam Cole simply because, “I have voted the best Adam Cole.”

*The second winner of the Purobox from IVP Videos is Tori from Tennessee. Tori voted for Nick Iggy because, “Tennessee represent!”

*The final winner of Purobox from IVP Videos is Michael from Tennessee. Michael voted for Adam Cole because, “Passed this man in the restroom at a Ring of Honor television taping in Louisville and knew I was in the presence of greatness…ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!”

*The winner of the last WWE Shop gift card is Ed from Rhode Island. Ed voted for David Starr because, “He has had a great run after the break-up of The Juicy Product and is only beginning to really reach his potential.”

*The final installments of Young Wrestler Spotlight series and Indie Wrestling News Roundup have been posted and there will be no further updates to these series for the foreseeable future. I would have liked to close them out with at least a couple more each, but my heart just wouldn’t be in it.

*There are just a few more days left to vote for The Johnson Transcript Surging Star Award. Voting is open for The Crown J right up to November 30 at 1:00 p.m. If you have not done so yet then vote here.

Thank you to all the people who have visited The Johnson Transcript over the years! Thank you especially to the other staff, people who have done interviews with us, and other folks who have contributed in one way or another! Keep supporting pro wrestling throughout the world!

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