An Unusual Title Defense

As just about anyone who follows the independent wrestling scene in America knows before Daniel Bryan held the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE, he held the ROH World Championship as Bryan Danielson. Danielson held the ROH World Championship for more than a year during which he defended against the best talent the indies had to offer. Such names included the usual suspects like Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin and Austin Aries. However, the most puzzling defense during that time had to be this match against “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala.

As one might expect it caused quite a stir on the Internet and was built up solely as a novelty match. Oddly enough the match is not played out strictly for laughs. It actually has some pretty solid brawling in it. In a way it shows an early effort by Bryan to work around the limited technical skills of some bigger wrestlers, a quality that would help him with his future matches against The Big Show and Mark Henry. However, though I won’t spoil the ending I will mention that it leaves a lot to be desired.

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