The Pre-Great One

Since tomorrow is Wrestlemania and possibly The Rock’s last match (though you can never say for sure) I thought I would post this clip looking back at his early days. Yes, before he was The Rock, he was Flex Kavana in the USWA!

As for the match itself, it is tough to judge because there isn’t much there. You can make the argument that the USWA wasn’t confident enough in Kavana’s ability, which is why they cut to commercial and kept it short, but that doesn’t really add up. After all he was getting called up to the WWF and would appear at Survivor Series less than three months later. I think it was more just poor time management on the USWA’s part. On a random note it is fun to see Kavana do Rock’s little kip-up move.

The promo beforehand I find much more interesting to watch. If you have seen Rocky Maivia promos you can attest to just how cringe worthy they are. This one isn’t great either. Still, I’d argue that he came off a little bit better than The Blue Chipper, which is probably because the Maivia gimmick was so generic. At least Kavana was a fun goof and is an interesting oddity to look at retroactively. Kavana doesn’t appear comfortable though and is dare say nervous looking.

Anyway, I am hoping to see Rock and John Cena deliver a classic though I won’t expect Rock/Hogan.

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