A Prerequisite for Basic Thuganomics

Because I posted an early Rock match yesterday I figured I would even things up by posting an early John Cena appearance as well. While WWE announcers will very rarely bring up Cena’s comic rap gimmick now and again, don’t expect them to mention The Prototype.

By the time Cena made it to the big leagues he had of course abandoned The Prototype gimmick. However, Cena owes at least a little bit of his career to this initial gimmick no matter how cheesy it may be. After all, it helped fuel online interest in Cena early on and made him stand out. Admittedly, his ring attire and haircut look quite odd in retrospect, but those are the kind of chances independent wrestlers have to take. As for the match itself, it is a much better developed effort than the Flex Kavana showing posted yesterday. This is in part because The Prototype benefits from having more time to showcase his abilities as well as one hell of an opponent in CW Anderson.

At tonight’s main event we will see just how far Flex Kavana and The Prototype have come.

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