Battle for an Identity

Just listen to the excitement of those commentators! It is even more enjoyable if you understand Spanish, but excitement transcends the language barrier. Anyway, with it being the day after Wrestlemania I thought we would visit a match from the Wrestlemania south of the border (yes, smarks I am referring to AAA’s Triplemania as the Mexican Wrestlemania). Here, the original La Parka, L.A. Park takes on the new La Parka for the right to be called, “La Parka.” Because I like typing the word “Parka,” I’ll just type it one more time…Parka! Oh, feels so good.

Getting back to the match, you may remember L.A. Park using this gimmick originally in WCW and his prestige has only grown in Mexico since WCW’s collapse. This match would also build up to something else reminiscent of WCW, an invasion storyline. Look for Los Perros del Mal (The Dogs of Evil) to make an appearance as the AAA equivalent of the nWo. The group was originally formed in rival promotion CMLL, but starting with this match they caused all kinds of havoc for AAA.

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