The Rising Star of Sami

If you are a regular member of any major online wrestling forum you have probably come across the name Sami Callihan at least once. If you have not seen him in action then you can check him out right here. Callihan has been wrestling for six years now, but has only recently really started to pick up steam. He is not getting the hyperbolic praise that CM Punk and Bryan Danielson were getting prior to their WWE runs, but he is drawing attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if in two to three years he was a midcarder in WWE or TNA. In fact according to he has already had a WWE tryout!

Here you get to see him wrestle a good strong style match in the semi-finals of the BJW Ikkitousen Strong Climb Tournament. It does come off as a bit of a chopfest at times, but there are plenty of good spots in there. Yoshihito Sasaki is also a little beast and just plain vicious!

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