Brothers Meet for the First Time

Here is a recent match from WWC (well as recent as you consider 2004 anyway). This gives you a chance to see what Carlito and Primo looked like before they went to the WWE. For my money, Carlito has never been that good of an in-ring performer. However, Carlito and Primo had better chemistry here than Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy had in their early matches. As Matt and Jeff delivered a criminally underrated match at Wrestlemania 25 who knows what a Carlito/Primo bout held today could deliver.

Some fun things to look out for:

*The belt Primo (Eddie Colon) has on prior to the match is the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship. This match is not for the title, but the championship has an incredibly rich history dating back to 1974 and can only be defended in Puerto Rico!

*Carlos Colon is shown numerous times in the stands and you can clearly see the roadmap he has carved into his head. I’m sure his battles with the likes of Stan Hansen and others played a big part in that.

*Some cool camerawork here when they superimpose the parents over the match. I don’t recall ever seeing that in mainstream American wrestling and wonder when that will get picked up.

Also, while this has nothing to do with the match above, I thought I would point out that Carlito is back in WWC as well as touring on the indies. There he utilizes what he is best at, his promo skills as demonstrated here:

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