The WWE Alternative That WWAsn’t

If you were a fan of wrestling at the end of the Monday Night Wars you may remember that for a while it looked like the WWF (WWE) would have a monopoly in professional wrestling in the United States. Yeah, I know they still kind of do. However, following March 2001 there was even less competition. TNA hadn’t formed yet and ROH wasn’t even around. One company that was around though was WWA. WWA was kind of like WCW, but with a considerably smaller budget. Oh yeah and it was based in Australia.

The company did not last long and by 2003 it closed its doors, but before that they did, they had one final sendoff with The Reckoning PPV event. In this match there is some pretty good action, but don’t look for much ring psychology. Anyone who is looking for ring psychology in this match must be lost as just by the names in it and the fact that it is a four way bout you know what you are getting into. Tons of high flying and some good spot wrestling. In particular I enjoy the triple submission spot. On a random note it looks like Chis Sabin borrowed some of Dean Malenko’s tights!

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