Nice and Sloppy Inter-Promotional Fight

Finally, I have gotten around to posting some stuff featuring CZW wrestlers. The nice part of this match comes from watching Danny Havoc, who is a pretty versatile wrestler, who can venture beyond just the hardcore stuff. DJ Hyde is also okay to watch here as well, but the camera doesn’t seem to focus much on him. However, as much as I’d like to enjoy Drake Younger it is tough to get past how sloppy he can be. I like his choice of ring attire as it reminds me slightly of CM Punk’s indie look (yes, it is just the basketball shorts). However, the similarities are purely superficial. Plus, it seems that about 75 percent of everything he does is much sloppier than it needs to be and here is no exception.

Still, Younger has his fans and this match can be enjoyable if it fits your tastes. It is called a death match, but the combatants use enough tact to keep it from being out and out garbage wrestling.

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