Father vs. Son

This match is short and with minimum contact, which makes for some interesting viewing. There are three reasons I wanted to post this clip today:

*First, it reminds me of how significant fathers can be in working with their sons. In particular, I think Cody Rhodes could get some major heel heat by not working a match with his father, Dusty Rhodes, but by at least beating him down. It is nice that they have kept the Rhodes family pretty friendly with one another onscreen lately, but Rhodes needs some more momentum before he can reach the main event. Beating down Dusty could get him some major heat.

*Second, it is amazing that Lawler is still active in the ring and actually worked a match last week…and that’s not a good thing!

*It reminds me that Brian Christopher isn’t completely worthless. Although speaking of Dusty Rhodes he did have a striking resemblance to the American Dream the last time he showed up on WWE programming.

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